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Many Hands Make Light Work

If it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a community create and care for forest! That’s why we gratefully accept every spare pair of hands on offer. Whether you have a specific skill to contribute, or just desire to spend some time in the open air helping us to do whatever needs to be done at the time, we’d love to hear from you (by filling in the registration of interest form). Here are some ways you can volunteer:

Weed & Feed Day

One of the most fun and helpful ways to get involved is to sign up for one of our quarterly weed and feed days. That’s where the ‘Weeders and Feeders’ assemble on the property and unite to complete an assigned project using the methods advocated by the Bradley Sisters (commonly known as ‘The Bradley Method’) to carefully remove weeds by hand (that’s the weed part). The feed part is fellowshipping over a hearty BBQ lunch and tasty beverages.

Become A Playful Planter

If you aren’t afraid of a little hard work then you can spend a day (or longer) on our planting team at planting time (usually May to July each year). The professional team will handle the planting in the harder areas, while volunteers focus on infill planting in zones that need topping up.

Beautiful Botanists

If you have botany skills then another way you can assist is by conducting biological surveys to determine the native species of herbs, grasses, shrubs, trees, etc. that naturally occur in our remnant vegetation and rehabilitated areas. You also have the opportunity to help out in our onsite nursery as we seek to propagate plants as another way of giving nature a helping hand.

Something Else?

Perhaps you have in-the-field skills, like forestry, geology, fencing, weed management, managing tracks, or valuable business skills such as social media management, AV production, marketing, etc… if you want to help we’d love to hear from you.