Sponsor Native Trees

One of the simplest and easiest ways to leave a living legacy is to sponsor us to purchase, plant and nurture trees on your behalf. By doing so you’ll be playing a valuable part in giving nature a helping hand and co-creating a new permanent, lasting and living ecosystem for generations to come.

How to give nature a helping hand

Starting life as a tiny seed collected almost entirely from local sources and sent to a specialist nursery to be carefully propagated, we have ordered more than 50,000 baby trees – a mix of Eucalyptus, Acacia and Casuarina (she oaks) – that will be delivered in June 2023.

These trees will planted on land cleared long ago that is crying out to be rehabilitated with a new permanent native Aussie forest. These trees will live a long time – some over 100 years, and they in turn will self-seed to replenish the forest into perpetuity.

As they grow, the trees will filter the air and water, stabilise the ground and stop erosion, shade out the weeds, and provide essential food and shelter for animals.

Here’s how to play your part

You’re invited to sponsor us to purchase, plant and nurture trees on your behalf, and play a valuable and much appreciated part in creating a permanent new native forest.

Just $9.90 per tree will cover the cost of harvesting the seed, having it propagated, grown and delivered, held on site and hardened off, and professionally planted. It will also fund the pre-planting work, and post-planting care.

Every sponsor will receive a personalised certificate of appreciation, and will receive regular updates and photos about how the trees are growing, and site activities when it comes time to plant them. Super sponsors – those who sponsor ten or more trees in one go – will also receive a stylish TreeChange cap to wear with pride.

It’s easy to play your part. Just select how many trees you would like to sponsor and then proceed through the secure online checkout. If you have any questions or need any assistance, email us at [email protected]