Discover How To Cancel Your Carbon By Supporting Us To Plant & Grow Native Aussie Forests

Foundation Sponsorhips Now Available
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Leaving Your Legacy

Want to leave a lasting legacy and cancel your carbon at the same time?

We’re on the lookout for 100 Foundation Sponsors who will go down in history as playing a very special part of our TreeChange story.

As a Foundation Sponsor, you’ll be one of the very first people to cancel your carbon by supporting us to plant, grow and nurture new native Aussie forests.

These forests are transformational. They soak up carbon from the air and store it in their leaves, trunks and even the soil. Of course, they also provide valuable new habitat, while improving air, soil and water quality.

Playing Your Part

The average Aussie adult emits 18 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.

To cancel one year of your carbon, we’ve calculated that you’d need to buy and plant 50 native trees, and then nurture them for 10 years.

Of course, most people don’t have enough land, time and / or skill to do this in their backyard, which is how we can help.

With your support, we’ll buy, plant and nurture trees on your behalf at our native revegetation project (details below). As those trees grow, they’ll absorb carbon dioxide, and as they do, they’ll act to ‘offset’ your 2022 carbon footprint.

Putting it all together, by becoming a Foundation Sponsor you’ll be practically demonstrating your support of a new exciting movement, cancelling your carbon, and leaving a lasting legacy in the form of co-creating a native forest that will never be chopped down. 

Cancel Your 2022 Carbon

It’s surprisingly affordable to cancel your carbon. Simply complete Step 1 and Step 2 below to find out more.


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If you wish you could do more, but can’t afford it, that’s okay!
All assistance is greatly appreciated however big or small.
You can reduce the dollar amount you can changing the number of people and / or the percentage offset.

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Making a Real Difference

As outlined on the video, right now we’re protecting important remnant vegetation and planting 300,000+ native trees on approximately 750 hectares (about 150,000 standard metro house blocks) at Carriage Range, in Gippsland, north-east Victoria. 

The land is not suitable for farming, but it’s perfect for establishing a new native forest that will never be chopped down.

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Can I Volunteer?

Yes you can!

In addition to supporting financially you may also like to help out on the ground in one of our working bees, or use your skills from afar to assist, we’d love to hear from you. Please use the form to register your interest.

We’d especially love to hear from you if you are a botanist, geologist, paleontologist, archaeologist, agronomist, or savvy social media user.

Fill in the form below to volunteer.

Can My Family & Friends Get Involved?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to share the details of this exciting new project with them.

The more people who know and get involved, the more trees we can plant and nurture, and the more carbon we can offset.